To engage in carding on various websites, including Sellcvvdumps, Cvvshopcards and Cvvshoplist, people obtain unverified credit card numbers. These websites offer credit card account information, individual identifying information and other identification data. To stay anonymous, carders (e.g. Dumpswithpinvendor and Dumpswithpinforsale) have implemented a set of vernaculars. One of the popular products is the "dump", which is information copied from the magnetic stripe on the back of a payment card. This information usually contains a full name and an address of the cardholder.

In the recent years, carders (people who test card numbers and use valid payment cards to pay for goods) have introduced "full-infos": these are data sets that contain more personal information than dumps. Websites, such as Ltdccfreshshop, Goldentrackdumps and Ccdumpswithpin, offer "Fullz", including addresses, phone numbers, PINs, credit history reports and other personal information. These websites use forms to get and share information about carding. In fact, many carders use "discussion bulletin boards" dedicated to the sale of credit and debit card numbers and other identification documents.